What’s important when choosing a travel specialist to plan your vacation?

Experience: Choose an advisor with a proven track record, one with proven and trusted experience within the luxury travel industry covering all aspects of what goes into creating a personal and tailored journey.
Knowledge: As the saying goes, “Knowledge is king” – ensure your travel partner has experienced first-hand each lodge, hotel and property they are recommending. Expect they will have met with, experienced personally and checked operational details for each of the operator they are recommending.
Advice: You should expect your specialist to enjoy good, solid, long lasting sustainable relationships with its suppliers to ensure that you always get the very best.
Service: Luxury travel backed up by world-class service is not a commodity that can be bought over the internet. Your specialist adviser should be a real person, someone that listens to and understands your needs, someone that takes note of all the little things and creates and experience that is unique and special to you, not from the folder of pre-set options.
Support / Reassurance: Working with a company that has depth and a dedicated team in place to always be there for you is key to ensure a smooth and stress free travel experience. You need to be confident there are systems in place to ensure that while you enjoy valuable time with family and friends your specialist can take care of the small stuff to ensure things go smoothly. When there is a problem you need to have confidence it’s dealt with professionally, expeditiously and with support.
Professional Services: Seek out the best, not necessarily the cheapest. Specialist travel companies and advisers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that’s been built over many years and they will, more often than not, charge a fee for this. They are after all professionals offering a valuable and sustainable service, their knowledge, advice and support is what sets them apart from those selling travel as a commodity.

The My Trip Coach Team is dedicated to maintaining invaluable in-counry partnerships around the world for creative and unique experiences and destination knowledge.  Please consider calling one of our travel advisors for your next vacation.

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