Meet Georges, our On Location Specialist in Provence

Georges Leculee

On Location in Provence!

Georges Leculee comes to My Trip Coach with many years of experience as a concierge travel advisor in Toulon and whose avid travels within France make him an invaluable source for unique, one of a kind experiences. He is passionate about wine and gastronomy, and is eager to share his knowledge of the area. He is happy to meet with our clients who are in France for a cruise or for an exploration of the countryside, and will make your trip truly special.

BONJOUR from Georges!

During my partnership with Shelley, we have little by little developed a unique and personalized way to experience Provence.

Avec Shelley, petit à petit nous avons mis au point une nouvelle et originale façon de voyager. Le constat était que nos clients perdent trop de temps (et d’argent) à des tâches mineures qui grèvent le plaisir de voyager, surtout lorsqu’ils sont en autonomie.

We find that the most common problems when traveling independently are:

– The language barrier
– How to drive a car (the driver can not contemplate the landscape) and respect the road code of the country visited
– How to enjoy the real price of what one covets, and avoid scams (I help navigate this!)
– How to dress according to circumstances
– How not to commit faux pas when socializing with the locals
– Ignorance of the region visited, despite using different guides

Small examples:
– In Nîmes, it is almost impossible to park. It will take 45 minutes to find a parking place on a day that you want to spend seeing the sites. You will lose good time and will end up agitated.

– In Avignon, the streets are very narrow and almost all one way. Getting somewhere directly and without damaging your vehicle is a challenge.

– Between Monaco and Nice, the Grande Corniche is in all the guidebooks. Yet it has very little interest. You can lose 45 valuable minutes and in addition you will be disappointed.

When participating in a tour for a group, the main flaw is the inability to change anything in the preset program. Come rain or snow, there is no question of changing the destination and activity for that day.

Our partnership has created a wonderful solution – a local guide who takes care of your planning from the beginning.  Imagine someone who is fun, informative and completely flexible taking you to the best wineries, hikes, restaurants and food tastings, markets and museums.  You will be dropped off and picked up without having to park.  If it rains, we change the schedule so you can enjoy the Verdon Canyon in the sun.  If you love Gordes, and want to stay longer, we can!   I will make restaurant suggestions as well as reservations, so your trip is carefree yet perfectly planned.

In short, you have someone to count on, will really look after you and will have the heart to make your trip unforgettable.  I have lived in Provence for thirty years and am passionate about our beautiful region. I do not know greater happiness than to share it.
More than that you say? What is it?

I’m also a not too mediocre photographer and wherever I have the opportunity to follow you, I will make the photo report. You will leave with all the pictures on a USB key.

A normal guide will pick you up at 9:00 am and stops his service at 17:00. In my case it is different. To better make you enjoy your evenings, I take you outside the walls of cities for dinners in places that you will not soon forget and bring you back after diner to your hotel.

If the day is long and requires an early morning start, I can be at the door of your hotel at 7:00 am and bring you back at midnight. For this there will be no extra charge.

Currently our guide prices are 350E per day, and everything is scheduled through Shelley,  and available only for My Trip Coach clients.

We look forward to hearing from you – come and visit!

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