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More intimate and exclusive than a hotel, and more relaxed and engaging than a boutique hotel, the Olive Grove Guesthouse can be described as elegant accommodation. The Olive Grove is a small upmarket accommodation establishment situated close to the Windhoek city center in a quiet, peaceful residential area. Each room has a large verandaOlive Grove Guesthouse.PNG with tables and chairs for al fresco dining, while the open-air lounge, spa bath, plunge pool, and tranquil garden further invite you to unwind and relax under Namibia’s open skies.




Located in Namibia’s Namib-Naukluft National Park, the Sossusvlei region is a salt and clay pan famous for its sand dunes. The dunes range in color from deep orange to bright pink and are some of the largest in the world, occasionally exceeding 1,000 feet. The fascinating colors of the dunes are due to oxidation of the sand’s high iron content. The older dunes are more intensely red, andSossusvlei.jpg some of the more stable dunes are partially covered with vegetation. Underground and ephemeral rivers occasionally flood the pans, creating marshes known as vlei in the Afrikaans language. The other key source of water for Sossusvlei is the dense ocean fogs created when the dry desert air forces the humid ocean air downward. The region has a number of plants and animals adapted for this unique climate, ranging from lizards to rodents to jackals to ostriches. The Namib Desert Beetle is adapted to extract water from the morning fogs via the bumps on its back. During the rare flood season, migrant bird species make temporary homes in the marshes. As a consequence of its vivid colors and fascinating landscape, Sossusvlei is one of the most photographed places in Sub-Saharan Africa.


As the perfect gateway to the iconic sights of Sossusvlei, Kulala Desert Lodge is a favorite among travelers. Magnificent views of the famous dunes, surrounding mountains, and vast open plains will be the setting during your stay. The camp comprises 23 en-suite thatched and canvas “kulalas” and a veranda from which to enjoy the outstanding scenery. On Kulala Desert Lodge.jpgbalmy nights, sleep under the clear night skies on your rooftop and awaken to the rising sun. By day, enjoy activities or spot desert-adapted wildlife from the lounge and dining area that overlook a waterhole. To escape the midday heat a cooling plunge pool provides the ideal sanctuary.


Damaraland” was the apartheid-era name given to a region of northern Namibia, south of Kaokoland, extending over 100 miles inland froDamaraland.jpgm the desolate Skeleton Coast. Named after its indigenous tribe, the term is no longer officially used but persists within the tourism industry. Damaraland is distinctive for its rugged yet beautiful terrain, its prehistoric human settlement sites, and its small but impressive animal populations. Highlights of the regions geography include Namibia’s highest mountain (the Brandberg), Twyfelfontein (a rocky outcropping with thousands of ancient engravings), and the Petrified Forest. The canyons, riverbeds, and caves of the region were once home to some of Africa’s earliest humans, and evidence of their existence can still be seen at multiple sites, the most famous of which is at Brandberg mountain, home to the famous “White Lady” painting.


Set in the Huab River valley, Damaraland Camp is situated in arguably one of the Damaraland Camp.jpgmost pristine wilderness areas in Namibia. Endless vistas across stark plains, ancient valleys, and stunning ochre-purple mountains will be the backdrop during your stay. The staff will invite you into one of ten large adobe-style thatched units raised off the ground for sensational vistas. Each includes a walk-in dressing room, en-suite facilities, and a deck from which to contemplate the desert. Entertainment while at camp will be in our spacious living area complete with a swimming pool. An open campfire will keep you warm, and you can dine traditionally in our boma under clear night skies.

Located in north-central Namibia, Etosha National Park was at the time of its creation in 1907 the largest game reserve in the world, exceeding 100,000 square kilometers. By the 1960s the park had been downsized by three quarters, but it still Etosha National Park.jpgremains one of the Africa’s largest protected areas. As Namibia’s premiere wildlife destination, the park is named for and dominated by the Etosha Pan, a salt desert that is nearly completely barren in the dry winter months. Perennial springs along the edges of the pan create natural waterholes that draw daily concentrations of wildlife and wildfowl. The summer rains turn the saltpan into a shallow lake that attracts a thousands of migratory birds, most notably pelicans and flamingos. In addition to the saltpan, the park is covered by mopane scrubland as well as tall tree forests of the unique moringa or “ghost tree.” The 850-kilometer fence surrounding the park protects the reserve’s diverse wildlife from external contamination and has resulted in many healthy populations. From May to September game viewing is excellent and promises sightings of the endemic black-faced impala and endangered black rhinoceros. The park is also home to excellent concentrations of elephant, giraffe, lion, leopard and cheetah.

Located on the boundary of the world renowned Etosha National Park, Andersson’s Camp is the perfect point from which to explore the diversity of fauna and flora in Kulala Desert Lodge.jpgthis region. This charming, eco-sensitive camp is set within the privacy of its own reserve teeming with wildlife. Formerly an old farmstead, the camp is beautifully nestled in mopane scrub with the scenic backdrop of the low Ondundozonanandana mountain range. Upon arrival you will find your en-suite accommodation fronting onto a productive waterhole. Each of the camp’s eighteen tents is raised on decks for enhanced views of the passing game.



Piper & Heath is the brainchild and passion of accomplished safari veteran, Chris Liebenberg. With African roots going back more than three centuries, Chris is the heir of a safari knowledge and commitment honed over many generations. Born and raised in Namibia, his experience spans the breadth of conservation and ecotourism, from anti-poaching to game relocation to safari guiding to camp management to tour operation. As a result, Chris boasts a depth and authenticity of experience in Africa that is unmatched within the American travel industry. This combination of intimate destination knowledge, long-term personal relationships with many African suppliers, and innate cultural understanding makes Piper & Heath the United States’ premiere source for custom African travel.


From the moment you first reach out to Piper & Heath, we are with you every step of the way. We invest whatever time is necessary to get to know you so that we can build your dream safari, and we will work tirelessly until the itinerary is just perfect. Once your itinerary is finalized, we provide you with all the information you need for your trip—packing advice, visa and vaccination requirements,

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