How much do your services cost if I am looking for a Caribbean vacation or a quick get-away?

Many people assume they will be paying more if they book through a travel consultant.  Understandable, since you are getting our professional advice and personal service.  But the truth is that our commissions come from the resorts and hotels that we work with.  The online booking agencies keep that, without having to provide any customer service.  Plus they have no clout – we do!  We only suggest that you put a deposit towards your trip to secure our time and services.

Do you have any special pricing?

We are so glad you asked!  We work with several large vendors that provide buying power and offer specials throughout the year for hotels, resorts, river cruises and tours.  There are too many to list, but most come through at least 6 months in advance, so it’s best to plan ahead.

What advantage would we get from booking our vacation or honeymoon with you?

All of our clients are VIPs.  Not only do we have competitive pricing, but we know the properties and are often able to provide upgrades or amenities because of our relationship with the resort management.   We notify the staff in advance of celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoons so your special occasion is truly memorable.

We are planning a trip to Europe and don’t know where to start!

Not only are we experts in European experiential travel, but we work with professionals based in the countries you will be visiting.  This is important, as they personally inspect the hotels, and work with us to develop your itinerary based on your interests.  We believe each trip should be as unique as you are.

How can we get started?

In order for us to dedicate our time and expertise for your honeymoon or vacation, we will ask to set up a phone conversation.  Please visit the Team page to contact one of our Travel Advisors and start your planning today!

Are there planning fees for our services?

Our Independent Travel Planning is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise. Unlike a resort vacation or tour, many hours of planning will be involved with an extended multi-country vacation. Our fees for this engagement depend on the difficulty level and your advisor but will be between $50 to $150. This allows us to devote our knowledge and contacts to pull together the arrangements, and provide you with a personalized guide for an immersive, once in a lifetime experience.

What will your final documents include?

Before your departure, you will receive a complete itinerary that you can download to your phone or print, with your reservations, daily itinerary, restaurant suggestions and reservations, walking maps, and activities specifically designed for you.

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